About Us

JUST DADDY is a global fashion brand designed by DJs to fit the style wants and needs of DJs, and their audiences, around the world. Our brand is based on great design and shape, quality materials, graphics celebrities love to rock and client satisfaction!  Our Italian born brand strives to provide only the best for our clients and is already well-established and known in Europe and the United States. We manufacture and distribute t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses and accessories throughout the world. Our products can be viewed on our website, mobile application and directly from our affiliate stores and sponsors. JUST DADDY is a style for every DJ, music lover and trendsetting fashion forward person. A lifestyle made for the exclusive crowd at a reasonable price. That's what you can expect from the high quality products only by JUST DADDY.

Our mission is to cover the globe with our recognizable logo and exclusive designs. We focus on touching all types of individuals in all parts of the world. From DJs to fans, directors to actors, venue owners to promoters and all the in-betweens we have what you need! Our mission is to dress you in only the best quality Italian designs for amazing prices!  

JUST DADDY wants to provide lovers of music and the nightlife a high quality, trendsetting clothing line that is also affordable. We want to deliver nothing but the best Italian style. Our vision’s origin is unknown... It started far before we can remember, back when our designers where only consumers, back when our producers where only observant children. It started somewhere around the time that we all noticed fashion and quality was no longer original. This is when our vision began. This is when we decided to provide nothing but the best high quality Italian style for the music makers and their audience.

Our fashion brand is an international must have in the making. From a young age our producer yearned to see fashion and distribute fashion the way he envisioned it. He dreamed of creating products with the quality he admired and at a price that would catch the eyes of the important people. He visualized a world covered in JUST DADDY. Head to toe fashion forward designs with amazing graphics, quality materials that stand the test of time and irresistible styles made for everyone. With a growing fan base and affiliated sponsors, JUST DADDY is expected to grow at an exponential rate.  

Designers, artists, DJs and other sponsoring companies are consistently jumping on board to add their names to our prestigious VIP listings, sponsorship opportunities and requesting to feature our products. Our ownership and operating structure is based on you, the consumer. We want to show each and every one of you JUST DADDY. We want everyone to become JUST DADDY fans, models and lovers. Join our growing world of big brand names, groups and foundations such as Forever Flawless, Ibiza Miami Radio and World Mission Rescue. 

"I want you to live and breathe JUST DADDY, quality and style for all to love" -Founder and producer, Orlando Villella.

"I want you to live and breathe JUST DADDY, quality and style for all to love"
-Founder and producer, Orlando Villella.

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